How to get your Credit Report

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How can I get a copy of my credit report?

Knowing what's on your credit report will give you the opportunity to fix any potential problems - long before they can affect life-changing moments like applying for a house mortgage or a car loan. So take the time to obtain your credit report, study it, and take whatever actions might be needed to fix it. Below are country-specific resources on how and where to obtain a copy of your credit report:


General information from the Australian Government and links to the official credit reporting agencies can be found here.


Detailed information about receiving your credit score information can be found on the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website, here.


General information about credit ratings and where to apply for your credit report, here.

New Zealand

General information from the New Zealand government as well as links to the official credit reporting companies in NZ can be found here.

United Kingdom

Callcredit: Visit Website
Equifax: Visit Website
Experian: Visit Website

United States

There are three main credit reporting agencies in the US. You can get a free credit score report from each of them once a year. Full details here.