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Learn About Money -
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Learning About Money
Most of us spend the first 20-odd years of our lives learning the skills required to get a job - so that we can then spend the remainder of our lives trying to earn enough money to live.

Whether we like it or not acquiring money is the backbone of our very existence. It has to be, because whether you have a lot of it or very little of it, from cradle to grave, money is going to be an important aspect of your life. In fact, even after death there are money matters to be considered.

So given the fact that money is central to just about everything that we do in life how is it that very few people have more than a superficial understanding about money, wealth and finance? The answer is because they’ve never had a personal finance education. Concepts like investing money, credit-card debt, wealth management and taxes are either ignored or glossed over at school while topics such as essay writing, algebra and sports are given prominence. This is especially tragic given the fact that most young adults will...

Learn About Taxes -
and How To Minimise Them
Learning About Taxes
If you were to walk down the street and ask the next 100 people that you come across ‘How much tax do you pay?’ it would be a fairly good bet to say that not one single person would get the amount right – or even get close to the right amount.

Most people would answer in the range of 20% - 40% depending on their income and their location, and they’d be wrong. In fact, very wrong, and this is because over the last two or three decades western governments of all stripes have promised and spent money way beyond their means. As a result they need to extract ever more money from the population (working or not) and when a government needs money, taxes go up.

The problem there however is that the general population wouldn’t accept the level of taxation needed to pay all of the bills if they knew how much they needed to pay, so government after government have devised ever more diverse and ingenious ways to extract more money...


Where to Get Your Credit Report

Credit Reports - Where to Get Them
Knowing what's on your credit report will give you the opportunity to fix any potential problems - long before they can affect life-changing moments like applying for a house mortgage or a car loan.

Your credit report is extremely important. It's not your winning smile or your charming personality that's going to secure that loan you desperately need - it's you credit report, and you therefore need to know what's on it and how it reflects who you are financially. So take the time to obtain your credit report, study it, and take whatever actions might be needed to fix it. Below are country-specific resources on how and where to obtain a copy of your credit report...Read More >>

Top 10 Personal Finance Books

Top 10 Personal Finance Books
We spend so much time trying to earn money, but spend so little time learning how to use it wisely or even how to keep more of it in our pocket. In fact, when you think of all the life skills that we could have been taught in school, don't you wish that learning about money, money management and getting money to work for us (rather than we work for it) should have been number one on the curriculum? Well, unfortunately most schools aren't there to help you get financially free, they're there to prepare you to get a job (there's a big difference). But the good news is that it's never too late...Read More >>

Best Free Money Management Apps

Online Budgeting Resources
There are literally hundreds of money management apps that you can download on to your smartphone or tablet to help you get control of your finances and instill good money habits. But are they any good?

Only you can answer that question because, as with most things in life, you only get out what you put in, and money management apps only demonstrate their worth if you’re willing to put the time and effort into feeding them the right financial information. A money management app is a tool – it’s up to you to learn how to use it....Read More >>