Control your money, change your life


More money. It's an appealing goal for most of us, but the unfortunate truth of working a 9 - 5 job is that most of us take home a fixed amount of money each week/month/year. As such, we often think that the possibility of having more disposable income is generally achieved by taking on extra work, asking for a pay rise from our employer, or cutting back on what we spend our money on. There is, however, another option, and that is to train ourselves to be wiser about how we use our money, to think about where and why we spend our money, and to understand how to get our money working for us. Simply put, we need to shed our bad money habits and entrench good money habits.

"A penny saved is a penny earned"

No doubt you've heard of that saying. But most people associate saving with 'cutting back', and they associate cutting back as being somewhat of a chore and a lifestyle-cramping exercise. It needn't be so. Most people, if they took the time to actually track their spending and look at their money habits, would be horrified to see just exactly where all their hard-earned money goes each week. It's a well known phenomenon that no matter what our earning ability, we generally increase our spending habits to meet our earning capacity. What this means is that even with a pay rise, we generally increase our daily spending to such a degree that we are financially no better off than we were before the pay rise.

So what's the solution? How can we have more money in our pockets at the end of each week? The answer is to think smarter about our money. We need to think carefully about where we spend our money, why we spend our money, how we spend our money and where we throw our money away. is dedicated to helping you get more from your hard earned money. It is about learning good money habits and getting rid of bad money habits. It’s about making your money, no matter how much you earn, go further and work harder for you. On the following pages you'll find practical tips and advice to help you understand money and to help you keep more of it in your pocket. Everything from mortgage advice to managing your credit cards, and much, much more...

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